Virtually every doctor in America takes some variation of the Hippocratic Oath, promising to put the needs of each individual and unique patient first and do no harm. And yet, for the first time, the Transgender Mandate would have forced doctors to violate their oath. 

Medical science is on the side of any doctor who feels that in a specific case it would be a mistake to begin gender transition procedures on a child. 

The Transgender Mandate did not allow space for the doctor’s medical judgment and did not even allow the doctor to refer the child to another doctor, even one more qualified, or for a hospital to find a doctor willing to perform the procedure. Any refusal by a qualified and practicing doctor to perform such a procedure would have been a violation of the mandate[6]

The mandate was not about access to care. It was not about science or the best medical research. It was clearly not about the welfare and health of children. This mandate would have marked a significant movement away from the accepted medical ethics of our time, ethics that were affirmed and strengthened nearly 70 years ago precisely in response to a time when governments tried to force doctors to administer treatments and perform procedures doctors knew to be harmful.

Too much is at stake to allow this mandate to stand.