Research shows that there are significant risks with gender transition procedures in childhood. Again, that is why HHS’s own medical board advised against requiring coverage of gender transition surgical procedures under Medicare and Medicaid. 

Along with physical impacts like heart conditions, increased cancer risk, and loss of bone density, the peer-reviewed longitudinal studies of children with gender dysphoria (that HHS accepted as valid) found that fewer than 1-in-4 children referred for gender dysphoria continued to experience that condition into adulthood. Some grew out of it, but many of the children ended up realizing that they were not transgender but instead gay or lesbian. 

The Transgender Mandate virtually guaranteed that doctors would be forced—against their medical judgment—to perform procedures aimed at altering the gender of children who are not actually transgender.

Children, especially those wrestling with gender dysphoria, are some of the most vulnerable and at-risk members in our society. It is unconscionable that our government attempted to order doctors to administer hormone therapy and even gender-transition surgery when the best medical science and the doctor’s judgment conclude that such procedures would be irreversibly harmful.